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Building Organic Leads on Demand for entrepreneurs who want to launch a business with high-end offers and connects with their target audience.

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Brand Strategy

You need clarity on who you are and the solution you provide. We help you identify your voice, message and marketing strategy.

The detail

First impressions are EVERYTHING. The moment you make contact with your customer base they will decide if they LIKE you, KNOW you, and TRUST you enough to go to the next step with you.

Engaging Graphics

You need to evoke emotions that resonate with the problem you solve. We design compelling graphics that make a lasting impression.

The detail

Engagement builds rapport and strengths your CONNECTION. Graphic elements such as illustrations, icons, videos, and graphics can pull your entire brand together into something that is memorable and cohesive.

Virtual Presence

You need a home-base to introduce your high-end offers and connect online. We build you a dynamic website to create a strong foundation.

The detail

It's all in the DETAILS. Having a website and social media presence helps you to solidify your authority in your industry while building your database and generating revenue.

Digital Marketing Workshop

Build a digital marketing strategy for your business

The Greatest people.

Your Hosts


Tanisha Coffey

Business Brand Strategist

Action-oriented business strategy mentor enabling you to reach critical milestones for streamlining, monetizing & cash-flowing their business.


Nina Alexis

Digital Design Strategist

Insightful visionary building better connections between business’ & their online audience through digital branding & graphic design.

Cayden Jacobs

Web Design Strategist

Technology geek creatively connecting your business’ brand personality & visual identity through web design at Impresmodo.  

Digital Marketing Workshop

Build a digital marketing strategy for your business

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